Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walking the thin line when it comes to Headbands

So lately I have been trying to be more creative when it comes to covering up bad hair days/with headgear in general. I am a busy lady and to be honest, don't always have the time/drive to wash my hair... not when there are so many exciting things going on in the world! Who has time for such details??

As a rule, I am very inspired by the 1920's and since I have so many scarves lying around, I have decided to try and recreate the 20's turban look, in a more modern sense of course..

Here in lies the dilemma.. using a bandana or scarf on one's head can either look elegant or go super awry a la Bret Michaels... you see, I'm afraid of looking more like this:

than this:

So after some experimenting, and on the spot inspiration, I came up with this:

I simply slid a cameo onto a lovely vintage scarf and wa-lah! I'm pleased with the results and have found a quick, simple solution to my dirty-hair days! yay!!

and to send us off with a little headband action:



Monday, February 1, 2010

My Secret Fashion Icon

I just realized how heavily, yet totally subconsciously Baby Miss Piggy has influenced my fashion sense. And what a great role model! From a young age, she looked sweet but was actually a tough little piggy... And a feminist at that!

...Notice the resemblance

I also admire how far Miss piggy is willing to go with her fantasies...

ok... off to imagine my own choreographed underwater fantasy and dream about making some killer bows for my upcoming fashion show!

Thanks MP!